Slot Floor Optimization: Analysis & Opportunity Cost

Slot systems provide massive amount of data that present many questions about the variables in game performance allowing for detailed reporting on each machine. The analysis looks at recent past months of revenue and layers in those utilization metrics that offer the efficiencies regarding inventory selection.

The reporting determines the global performance of the gaming floor by the range of variables that exist within the floor across the review period.

  • Each asset must continually be elevated against other assets to earn its position on the slot floor
  • Our analysis interprets machine data and applies analysis on WPU and Utilization metrics that compiles final data in a matrix ranking each game on the aggregate value of these variables against every other game on your floor.
  • The reports culminate by forecasting the dollar value of the revenue enhancement opportunities by the recommended product mix and game placement.
  • Reporting can also be conducted on thee Net Win for a machine. For example, examine all games after commissions, for the games that are commission fee based games and compare to the floor.
  • The reports are excellent aid to building capital budgets for games and predicting replacement timing of games on floor as well.

The analytical sets, proprietary algorithms and statistical techniques enable slot managers to immediately improve floor performance and make better informed purchase decisions.

Effects of Floor Modifications

Here is an example of how our floor evaluation recommendations follow a couple of specific avenues to optimize floor results:

  1. Opportunity Cost - Modify lowest performing games
    1. Conversions or replacements to better performing titles
  2. Hold Change - Slightly raise hold on highest performing games

Our analysis will show the overall annual result from the combination of the recommended changes is an INCREMENTAL improvement to current results, such as:

*The above figures represent a sample of our experience predicting the possible outcome range for a slot floor of approximately 300 games and generating about $13M in annual slot win. These figures may be extrapolated based on the number of units on any particular floor

GM’s and Slot Operations Pro’s:

  • What games generate your best Net-Profit?

  • Where should your games be located?

  • How do you fix your Theo-Actual variance?

  • What games should you buy, keep or sell?

JSA’s Slot Floor Optimizing analytics is a powerful, proven analytical process that syncs multiple floor touchpoints such as:

  • Game-by-game WUD and Profit Unit Day comparisons

Our propritary Utilization/Win matrix when coupled with our “TRIPLE NET” ranking valuations shows you:

  • How to generate the best return on your floor performance and capital…now and in the future

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We were building plans for a new expansion of the property, but we felt our current floor results could be better.

JSA's optimizing package was unique in that we quickly saw the effect of operations and marketing costs and their impact on our profits with JSA’s Triple Net analysis.

Our expansion kept us well positioned in our market.

Aaron Gomes,
Former COO, Resort Casino
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Our clients include: State agencies, trade groups and the most renowned management consulting firms. Additionally, over 50 properties: commercial, Native American; large and small; resort/ regional around the world have profited from our work since 2002.