Pure Canadian Gaming

Challenge:  Multi-property gaming company in Alberta Canada fighting for share in a flat/declining market

Solution: Gravity indexing models compared market competition and showed need to improve amenities to better position against new/existing competition


Crawford County Convention & Visitors Bureau

Challenge: Overcome misinformation PR campaign from the competition

Solution: Built gravity and other financial models to refute the competition’s revenue, employee and construction estimates in reasoned, point-by-point fashion showing why the projections were unrealistic


Peninsula Pacific

Challenge: Evaluate various locations for expansion or redevelopment of gaming license asset to achieve highest risk adjusted return

Solution: Gravity modeling, gravity indexing, population penetration algorithms and other market evaluations

Resorts Casino

Challenge: Lack of comprehensive marketing programs and costs increasing without profit increasing

Solution: Re-targeted Promotional Credit expense leading to a $4M+ profit turnaround and recorded the first operating profit in 5 years

Isleta Casino

Challenge: Declining accounts, trips, and revenue and a limited staff to structure marketing programs.

Solution: 36+ consecutive months of growth in accounts, trips, revenue and profit increases and Rated Play went from middle 30% to over 50%.

Harlow’s Casino

Challenge: Lack of cohesive programs and no staff monitoring of progress on revenue or profit.

Solution: Increased annual revenue by $6M (15%) and maintained first in market share for over four years straight.