What Customer Targeting Can Do For You

Our reliable data can reveal actions that address target opportunity areas.  We can help you identify:

  • Campaign wins and losses
  • Top tier customers
  • At-risk customers & targets for re-engagement
  • Customer lifecycle stages
  • Opportunity Cost: Fund micro-targeted programs without increasing your budget
We have a 5 step process in approaching each client:

Step 1. Review: JSA reviews current marketing plans and data
Step 2. Plan: JSA works with your marketing and IT departments to get the required data
Step 3. Analyze: JSA processes your data and extracts actionable insights from your marketing data
Step 4. Implement: A comprehensive report is created with concrete recommendations that optimize your marketing ROI
Step 5. Optimize: A marketing analysis strategy and implementation plan are presented

GM’s, CFO’s and Marketing Pro’s:

  • Are you marketing to your best players?

  • Is your promotional credit spend delivering to your bottom-line or being wasted?

  • Is your Loyalty program driving loyalty…

  • and at what cost?

Players Club / Database Marketing Analytics Graphs

JSA’s Players club/ database marketing analytics give you a powerful, proven analytical process that syncs multiple player touchpoints such as:

  • Custom segmentation of accounts, trips, revenue and profitability See how our “Net” win system pinpoints over (or under) spending

  • Opportunity cost: see where reinvesting smarter earns you more

Trial Proof of Concept:

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We quickly reversed our prior year declines and went on to generate 36+ consecutive months of accounts, trips and revenue increases while maintaining profitability.

I continue to call JSA to new assignments because they help me and our teams succeed.

Rodney Ferguson,
COO of Potawatomi Casino,
Milwaukee, WI

Our clients include: State agencies, trade groups and the most renowned management consulting firms. Additionally, over 50 properties: commercial, Native America; large and small; resort/ regional around the world have profited from our work since 2002.